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[SND]The Platters 'For The First Time'.mp32000-07-31 02:11 1.5M 
[SND]The Platters 'I'm Sorry'.mp32000-07-31 02:11 2.0M 
[SND]The Platters 'It's Raining Outside'.mp32000-07-31 02:11 1.9M 
[SND]The Platters 'My Player'.mp32000-07-31 02:11 1.9M 
[SND]The Platters 'One In A Million'.mp32000-07-31 02:11 1.9M 
[SND]The Platters 'Only You'.mp32000-07-31 02:11 1.8M 
[SND]The Platters 'Sixteen Tons'.mp32000-07-31 02:11 1.7M 
[SND]The Platters 'Smoke Gets In You Eyes'.mp32000-07-31 02:11 1.8M 
[SND]The Platters 'The Great Pretender'.mp32000-07-31 02:11 1.8M 
[SND]The Platters 'Twilight Time'.mp32000-07-31 02:11 1.9M 
[SND]The Platters 'Where'.mp32000-07-31 02:11 1.8M 
[SND]The Platters 'You're Making A Mistake'.mp32000-07-31 02:11 1.9M