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[SND]Days Go By 01. The Future Is Now.mp32022-01-19 13:30 9.5M 
[SND]Days Go By 02. Secret From The Underground.mp32022-01-19 13:30 7.2M 
[SND]Days Go By 03. Days Go By.mp32022-01-19 13:31 9.2M 
[SND]Days Go By 04. Turning Into You.mp32022-01-19 13:30 8.5M 
[SND]Days Go By 05. Hurting As One.mp32022-01-19 13:29 6.5M 
[SND]Days Go By 06. Cruising California (Bumpin' In My Trunk).mp32022-01-19 13:30 8.0M 
[SND]Days Go By 07. All I Have Left Is You.mp32022-01-19 13:30 12M 
[SND]Days Go By 08. OC Guns.mp32022-01-19 13:30 9.5M 
[SND]Days Go By 09. Dirty Magic.mp32022-01-19 13:30 9.2M 
[SND]Days Go By 10. I Wanna Secret Family (With You).mp32022-01-19 13:25 6.9M 
[SND]Days Go By 11. Dividing By Zero.mp32022-01-19 13:25 5.4M 
[SND]Days Go By 12. Slim Pickens Does The Right Thing And Rides The Bomb To Hell.mp32022-01-19 13:31 34M 
[SND]Let The Bad Times Roll 01. This Is Not Utopia.mp32022-01-19 13:25 6.2M 
[SND]Let The Bad Times Roll 02. Let The Bad Times Roll.mp32022-01-19 13:29 7.7M 
[SND]Let The Bad Times Roll 03. Behind Your Walls.mp32022-01-19 13:29 7.8M 
[SND]Let The Bad Times Roll 04. Army Of One.mp32022-01-19 13:30 7.4M 
[SND]Let The Bad Times Roll 05. Breaking These Bones.mp32022-01-19 13:30 6.5M 
[SND]Let The Bad Times Roll 06. Coming For You.mp32022-01-19 13:31 8.9M 
[SND]Let The Bad Times Roll 07. We Never Have Sex Anymore.mp32022-01-19 13:29 8.2M 
[SND]Let The Bad Times Roll 08. In The Hall Of The Mountain King.mp32022-01-19 13:25 2.4M 
[SND]Let The Bad Times Roll 09. The Opioid Diaries.mp32022-01-19 13:25 7.1M 
[SND]Let The Bad Times Roll 10. Hassan Chop.mp32022-01-19 13:30 5.5M 
[SND]Let The Bad Times Roll 11. Gone Away.mp32022-01-19 13:30 7.6M 
[SND]Let The Bad Times Roll 12. Lullaby.mp32022-01-19 13:25 2.9M 
[SND]Let The Bad Times Roll 13. Guerre Sous Couvertures.mp32022-01-19 13:30 8.2M 
[SND]Let The Bad Times Roll 14. The Opioid Diaries (Live).mp32022-01-19 13:30 8.9M 
[SND]Offspring 'A Thousand Days'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 3.0M 
[SND]Offspring 'All Along'.mp32001-07-02 14:07 2.2M 
[SND]Offspring 'All I Want'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 2.6M 
[SND]Offspring 'Amazed'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 6.1M 
[SND]Offspring 'Americana'.mp32000-11-20 05:39 6.0M 
[SND]Offspring 'Bad Habit'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 5.1M 
[SND]Offspring 'Baghdad'.mp32000-10-17 02:21 3.0M 
[SND]Offspring 'Beheaded'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 3.9M 
[SND]Offspring 'Black Ball'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 4.7M 
[SND]Offspring 'Burn it Up'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 3.7M 
[SND]Offspring 'Change The World'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 8.8M 
[SND]Offspring 'Come Out And Play'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 4.5M 
[SND]Offspring 'Come Out Swinging'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 3.8M 
[SND]Offspring 'Conspiracy Of One'.mp32001-07-02 14:07 3.1M 
[SND]Offspring 'Cool To Hate'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 3.8M 
[SND]Offspring 'Crossroads'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 3.9M 
[SND]Offspring 'Da Hui'.mp32008-02-23 05:26 2.1M 
[SND]Offspring 'Dammit, I Changed Again'.mp32001-07-02 14:07 3.9M 
[SND]Offspring 'Defy You [acoustic]'.mp32008-02-23 05:26 3.6M 
[SND]Offspring 'Demons'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 4.3M 
[SND]Offspring 'Denial, Revisited'.mp32001-07-02 14:07 6.2M 
[SND]Offspring 'Dirty Magic'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 5.2M 
[SND]Offspring 'Disclaimer'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 1.0M 
[SND]Offspring 'Don't Pick It Up'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 2.6M 
[SND]Offspring 'Dui'.mp31999-04-21 10:00 2.3M 
[SND]Offspring 'Elders'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 3.0M 
[SND]Offspring 'Feelings'.mp32000-11-20 05:38 5.2M 
[SND]Offspring 'Forever and a Day'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 3.5M 
[SND]Offspring 'Genocide'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 4.8M 
[SND]Offspring 'Get it Right'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 4.2M 
[SND]Offspring 'Gone Away'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 6.1M 
[SND]Offspring 'Gotta Get Away'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 5.3M 
[SND]Offspring 'Have You Ever'.mp32000-11-21 05:09 7.2M 
[SND]Offspring 'Hit That'.mp32008-02-23 05:26 3.9M 
[SND]Offspring 'Hypodermic'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 4.6M 
[SND]Offspring 'I'll Be Waiting'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 4.4M 
[SND]Offspring 'I Choose'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 5.3M 
[SND]Offspring 'Intermission'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 1.1M 
[SND]Offspring 'Intro'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 115K 
[SND]Offspring 'It'll Be A Long Time'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 3.7M 
[SND]Offspring 'Jennifer Lost The War'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 3.5M 
[SND]Offspring 'Kick Him When He's Down'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 4.5M 
[SND]Offspring 'Kill The President'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 4.6M 
[SND]Offspring 'Killboy Powerhead'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 2.8M 
[SND]Offspring 'L.A.P.D.'.mp32001-05-10 11:23 3.8M 
[SND]Offspring 'Leave It Behind'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 2.7M 
[SND]Offspring 'Lightning Rod'.mp32008-02-23 05:26 4.6M 
[SND]Offspring 'Living In Chaos'.mp32001-07-02 14:07 4.8M 
[SND]Offspring 'Long Way Home'.mp32008-02-23 05:26 3.3M 
[SND]Offspring 'Me & My Old Lady'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 6.2M 
[SND]Offspring 'Million Miles Away'.mp32001-07-02 14:07 5.0M 
[SND]Offspring 'Mota'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 4.0M 
[SND]Offspring 'Neocon'.mp32008-02-23 05:26 1.5M 
[SND]Offspring 'Never Gonna Find Me'.mp32008-02-23 05:26 3.6M 
[SND]Offspring 'Nitro (Youth Energy)'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 3.3M 
[SND]Offspring 'No Brakes'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 2.9M 
[SND]Offspring 'No Hero'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 4.6M 
[SND]Offspring 'Not The One'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 4.0M 
[SND]Offspring 'Nothing from Something'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 4.1M 
[SND]Offspring 'One Fine Day'.mp32001-07-02 14:07 3.7M 
[SND]Offspring 'Original Prankster'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 5.0M 
[SND]Offspring 'Out On Patrol'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 3.5M 
[SND]Offspring 'Pay The Man'.mp32001-08-30 22:14 13M 
[SND]Offspring 'Pretty Fly'.mp32000-11-21 01:09 5.8M 
[SND]Offspring 'Race Against Myself'.mp32008-02-23 05:26 4.9M 
[SND]Offspring 'Self Esteem'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 5.9M 
[SND]Offspring 'Separated'.mp32000-02-22 19:21 3.0M 
[SND]Offspring 'Session'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 3.5M 
[SND]Offspring 'She's Got Issues'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 5.2M 
[SND]Offspring 'Smash'.mp32001-08-30 22:28 8.0M 
[SND]Offspring 'So Alone'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 1.8M 
[SND]Offspring 'Something To Believe In'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 4.5M 
[SND]Offspring 'Spare Me The Details'.mp32008-02-23 05:26 4.7M 
[SND]Offspring 'Special Delivery'.mp32001-07-02 14:07 4.1M 
[SND]Offspring 'Staring At The Sun'.mp32000-11-23 05:24 4.1M 
[SND]Offspring 'Take it Like a Man'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 4.0M 
[SND]Offspring 'Tehran'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 4.3M 
[SND]Offspring 'The End'.mp32000-11-24 01:43 1.9M 
[SND]Offspring 'The End Of The Line'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 4.1M 
[SND]Offspring 'The Kids Aren't Alright'.mp32000-11-24 05:45 5.5M 
[SND]Offspring 'The Meaning Of Life'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 4.0M 
[SND]Offspring 'The Noose'.mp32008-02-23 05:26 4.5M 
[SND]Offspring 'The Worst Hangover Ever'.mp32008-02-23 05:26 4.1M 
[SND]Offspring 'Time To Relax'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 595K 
[SND]Offspring 'Track 14'.mp32001-07-02 14:07 3.6M 
[SND]Offspring 'Vultures'.mp32001-07-02 14:07 4.9M 
[SND]Offspring 'Walla-Walla'.mp32000-11-23 01:24 5.4M 
[SND]Offspring 'Want You Bad'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 4.6M 
[SND]Offspring 'Way Down The Line'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 3.6M 
[SND]Offspring 'We Are One'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 5.4M 
[SND]Offspring 'Welcome'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 228K 
[SND]Offspring 'What Happened To You'.mp32001-07-02 14:06 3.0M 
[SND]Offspring 'When You're In Prison'.mp32008-02-23 05:26 3.5M 
[SND]Offspring 'Why Don't You Get A Job'.mp32000-11-21 05:14 5.3M 
[SND]Offspring '[Can't Get My] Head Around You'.mp32008-02-23 05:26 3.1M 
[SND]Rise And Fall 01. Half-Truism.mp32022-01-19 13:30 7.9M 
[SND]Rise And Fall 02. Trust In You.mp32022-01-19 13:31 7.2M 
[SND]Rise And Fall 03. You're Gonna Go Far, Kid.mp32022-01-19 13:25 6.8M 
[SND]Rise And Fall 04. Hammerhead.mp32022-01-19 13:30 11M 
[SND]Rise And Fall 05. A Lot Like Me.mp32022-01-19 13:30 10M 
[SND]Rise And Fall 06. Takes Me Nowhere.mp32022-01-19 13:25 6.9M 
[SND]Rise And Fall 07. Kristy, Are You Doing Okay.mp32022-01-19 13:30 8.5M 
[SND]Rise And Fall 08. Nothingtown.mp32022-01-19 13:29 8.0M 
[SND]Rise And Fall 09. Stuff Is Messed Up.mp32022-01-19 13:30 8.1M 
[SND]Rise And Fall 10. Fix You.mp32022-01-19 13:30 9.9M 
[SND]Rise And Fall 11. Lets Hear It For Rock Bottom.mp32022-01-19 13:30 9.3M 
[SND]Rise And Fall 12. Rise And Fall.mp32022-01-19 13:29 6.9M 
[SND]Rise And Fall 13. O.C. Life.mp32022-01-19 13:29 6.6M 
[SND]Splinter 01. Neocon.mp32022-01-19 13:25 2.5M 
[SND]Splinter 02. The Noose.mp32022-01-19 13:25 7.6M 
[SND]Splinter 03. Long Way Home.mp32022-01-19 13:29 5.5M 
[SND]Splinter 04. Hit That.mp32022-01-19 13:25 6.5M 
[SND]Splinter 05. Race Against Myself.mp32022-01-19 13:30 8.1M 
[SND]Splinter 06. (Can't Get My) Head Around You.mp32022-01-19 13:30 5.1M 
[SND]Splinter 07. The Worst Hangover Ever.mp32022-01-19 13:25 6.8M 
[SND]Splinter 08. Never Gonna Find Me.mp32022-01-19 13:30 6.1M 
[SND]Splinter 09. Lighting Rod.mp32022-01-19 13:30 7.7M 
[SND]Splinter 10. Spare Me The Details.mp32022-01-19 13:28 7.8M 
[SND]Splinter 11. Da Hui.mp32022-01-19 13:25 3.9M 
[SND]Splinter 12. When You're In Prison.mp32022-01-19 13:29 8.1M 
[SND]Splinter 13. Defy You (Acoustic).mp32022-01-19 13:30 9.0M